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Cornwall’s Specialist Buyers Of Gold, Silver, Antiques & Collectables


House Clearances & Deceased Estate

Need a barn, shed, house or garage clearance? There is a better way!

CYC Clearances can take care of every aspect of your clearance from start to finish.

 We understand that no two clearances are the same. 

 Our service is tailored to you.

 The process is simple and easy, to get started just give us a call!

Once we've had a chat about the kind of service you'd like, we'll arrange a visit to the location that you would like cleared and perform a free assessment.

If the clearance contains valuable or interesting items we will purchase them from you at our usual excellent prices and then take care of the rest, completely free of charge. In 9/10 instances, we end up paying you!


We ensure anything that can be reused or recycled is disposed of correctly and that all general rubbish is taken care of by our licensed waste contractor.


You can even request for us to arrange a cleaner for your property or space as part of the service.


CYC Clearances are also specialists in deceased estate and consistently provide a discreet, sensitive and professional service.

Probate valuations are also offered - simply ask during your initial assessment!


For a clearance of any size, or even if you just have a question, please give our expert a call on

01736 368617 (available 10am-6.00pm) 

We’re here for you, a Cornish company paying London prices!

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