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Cornwall’s Specialist Buyers Of Gold, Silver, Antiques & Collectables



Here’s the list of the items we purchase regularly, to name but a few :


  • Gold Jewelry 

  • Silver Jewelry 

  • All types of Costume Jewelry    

  • Luxury Watches 

  • Gold & Silver Cigarette Cases

  • Silver Tea-Sets 

  • Gold & Silver Pocket Watches 

  • Silver Cutlery 

  • Silver Boxes     

  • Gold and Silver Vesta Cases

  • Silver Vanity Sets     

  • Gold Teeth

  • Scrap and Broken Silver & Gold Items 

We see customers on a daily basis, who are looking to sell all kinds of jewellery and precious metals.

From silver cutlery to inherited collections of jewellery, we can provide you with the help you need to get the best possible price for your items.

We have over 20 years experience in precious metals and are able to help identify, value and purchase almost anything. 


We also purchase all types of coins and banknotes -

For more Information on this please click here!


We are always happy to purchase jewellery, precious metals and other items in absolutely ANY CONDITION .
Stones missing, broken, damaged it all still has value.

We guarantee the best local prices, will beat any genuine local quote and will always provide a free no obligation valuation.



Jewellery & Precious Metals

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