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Pokémon Cards & Collections

Did you or your children ever collect Pokemon cards? Do you have an old folder laying around in your cupboard, garage or attic? 

You have the potential to be sitting on serious money. 

Cash Your Clutter deal in Pokémon cards of all kinds and our resident Pokémon card expert can give you the best prices in Cornwall for single cards all the way up to curated collections, in any condition!

We offer free valuations AND free house visits anywhere in Cornwall. 

Let us help you turn your cards into cash!




Browse our selection of over 3000 individual cards. Enjoy looking through our new range of vintage and modern graded cards.


We are also proud to be official agents of GetGraded UK and we'd be delighted to help you get your cards and collections professionally graded.






Our Pokémon cards are consistently offered below eBay prices and new cards are being added daily.


Drop by and have a gander at our extensive stock - we are confident that you'll find just what you're looking for!


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